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  Dongguan Xute Robots Co., Ltd Is a professional engaged in industrial robot research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service in one of the large entities enterprises. As a pioneer in industrial robots and a leading industrial robot manufacturer.
  Xute Robots To "carry Thanksgiving" for the business philosophy. "Hing national industry, an international brand" for the development goals, to provide enterprises with the overall automation solutions. With excellent product quality, leading technology research and development and unique marketing model to lead the Chinese market. 【View More】

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XT-JR6210-C20 robot
XT-JR650-C20 robot
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XT-JR620L-C20 robot
XT-HC420 robot
XT-HC415 robot
XT-HC410 robot
XT-HC508 robot
  • Design of Industrial Robot Teaching

    Design of Industrial Robot Teaching

    With the rapid progress of science and technology, industrial robots have become an important part of todays industrial production, it can be very accurate to complete all kinds of
  • Xute industrial robots several major advantages

    Xute industrial robots several major advantages

    The use of industrial robots, not only in response to changes in demand for production lines, the manufacturing system can be gradually transformed into a new model of intelligent 
  • Several routines for industrial robots

    Several routines for industrial robots

    In recent years, with the rising labor costs, industrial machine substitutions phenomenon is widespread, industrial robotics and industry and therefore gradually developed. As the 
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